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Carriage Bolts Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter in India

Carriage Bolts Manufacturer

Most Prominent Supplier & Exporter of Carriage Bolts, Carriage Bolts Manufacturer in Mumbai, India

High Quality Carriage Bolts Stockist & Manufacturer in India

Multimet Overseas is the most trusted and leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Carriage Bolts. Our Fasteners products are tested at several parameters, our products are known for their excellent conduction towards heat and electricity. We have the capability and flexibility to meet unique product requirements and exact specifications and size.

Fasteners, In construction, connectors between structural members. Bolted connections are used when it is necessary to fasten two elements tightly together, especially to resist shear and bending, as in column and beam connections. Threaded Carriage Bolts are always used in conjunction with nuts. Another threaded fastener is the screw, which has countless applications, especially for wood construction.

We Manufactures highly strict quality controls are implemented on every step to ensure the product quality delivering to the market. We make available these Carriage Bolts in both standard and customized options as to meet light, medium and heavy-duty industrial applications.

Our high-quality Carriage Bolts are well recognized by our worldwide customers. If you looking to buy these Carriage Bolts. Contact us today with your requirement for the best prices.

Carriage Bolts Specifications:

Bolt Size (mm)Thread Dia ‘D’ (mm)Thread length ‘T’ (mm)Length ‘L’ (mm)
M10 X 100MM1075100
M10 X 110MM1075110
M10 X 125MM1075125
M10 X 150MM1075150
M12 X 110MM1275110
M12 X 125MM1275125
M12 X 150MM1275150
M12 X 175MM12100175
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