Multimet Overseas is Hallmark Metallica Business. Multimet Overseas in India's prominent manufacturer, stockist, exporter and supplier of earthing and lighning components, electrical cable components, electrical cable accessories, copper, copper alloy and brass components.

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Most Prominent Supplier & Manufacturer of Earthing & Lightning Protection Equipment, Earth Bars Exporter, Copper Bonded Earth Rods & Accessories Stockist, Solid Copper Earth Rods & Accessories, Earthing Rod Clamps & Bond, Earthing Tapes Solid Bar & Clips Manufacturer in Mumbai, India.

Earthing Tape Clamps & Bonds Stockist, Lattice Copper Earth Mats manufacturer, Flexible Braid Supplier, Ground Enhancement Materials, Earthing Inspection Pins, Earthing Accessories, Stranded Copper Conductors Exporter.

Multimet Overseas is the most trusted and leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of Earthing & Lightning Protection Equipments. We stock a range of electrical earthing and lightning protection products, protecting critical systems and buildings in the event of over-voltage lightning strikes.

Specialist advice from our fully qualified technical team, which focuses on Earthing and Lightning Protection. Active contribution to national and harmonized European/international standards ensures our engineers remain at the forefront of new developments in earthing and lightning protection.

Manufacturing experience and expertise utilizing our knowledge of the products available to provide a tailored design that can be installed using the most appropriate and up-to-date products. Designs that comply with all relevant standards – national and international.

Our high-quality Earthing & Lightning Protection Equipments are well recognized by our worldwide customers. If you looking to buy these Earthing & Lightning Protection Equipments. Contact us today with your requirement for the best prices.

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