Multimet Overseas is Hallmark Metallica Business. Multimet Overseas in India's prominent manufacturer, stockist, exporter and supplier of earthing and lighning components, electrical cable components, electrical cable accessories, copper, copper alloy and brass components.

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Copper & Copper Alloys Bars, Tubes, Bus Bars, C & H Clamps, Wire & Rope Conductor, Coils, Strips, Rods, Profiles Supplier
Copper & Copper Alloys Bars, Tubes, Bus Bars, C & H Clamps, Wire & Rope Conductor, Coils, Strips, Rods, Profiles Manufacturer

Most Prominent Supplier of C18000 Copper Chromium Nickel Silicon, C18150 Copper Chromium Zirconium Stockist in Mumbai, India.

High Quality C18200 Chromium Copper (CDA 182) Manufacturer, CuCrZr Copper Chromium Zirconium Suppliers.

Multimet Overseas is the most trusted and leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Chromium Copper. Chromium copper is a heat treatable, corrosion resistant alloy which combines high electrical conductivity with high strength. It is used in applications such as resistance welding electrodes, seam welding wheels, switch gears, cable connectors, circuit breaker parts, molds, spot welding tips, and electrical and thermal conductors that require strength.

Chromium Copper is the primary copper alloy used for resistance spot and seam welding. Chromium Copper is a high conductivity Copper Alloy that obtains optimum properties from both heat treatment and cold working. Chromium Copper offers resistance to softening at elevated temperatures along with good strength and hardness. In addition to resistance welding applications Chromium Copper is used for numerous electrical applications where resistance to deformation at high temperature is required

The corrosion resistance of chromium copper alloys is better than that of pure copper because chromium improves the chemical properties of the protective oxide film. Chromium copper has excellent cold formability and good hot workability. Contact us today with your requirement for the best prices.

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