Multimet Overseas is Hallmark Metallica Business. Multimet Overseas in India's prominent manufacturer, stockist, exporter and supplier of earthing and lighning components, electrical cable components, electrical cable accessories, copper, copper alloy and brass components.

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Earth Rods Manufacturer, Solid Copper Earth Rods Supplier, Pure Copper External & Internal Threaded Earth Rods Stockist, Copper Bonded External Threaded Earth Rods Exporter, Copper Bonded Unthreaded Earth Rods Dealer, Copper Bonded Pointed Earth Rods Distributor in Mumbai, India.

Stainless Steel Earth Rods Manufacturer, Galvanised Steel Earth Rods Supplier, Best Quality Earthing Rods Stockist, Earth Rods Best Prices, Ready Stock of Earth Rods in India.

Multimet Overseas is a leading manufacturer, supplier & exporter of best quality earth rods. We manufacture earth rods in different materials & sizes as per customer requirements. We use high quality raw materials to manufacture earth rods and our quality control engineers check at every step of manufacturing these earth rods to make sure quality is not compromised at any stage. Multimet Overseas supply various types of earth rods like solid copper earth rods, stainless steel earth rods, galvanised steel earth rods, copperbond threaded earth rods, copperbond unthreaded & pointed earthy rods, pure copper internal & external threaded earthing rods.

Earth Rods are a type of earth electrode installed in the ground to provide a low resistance electrical path to ground or earth. After checking corrosive condition and electrical conductivity of the ground condition the earth rods can be specified to achieve reliable, safe and long term earthing protection. Earth rods are used in every residential and commercial building, electrical industry, manufacturing industry, electrical equipment, power distribution applications, etc. These earth rods have high corrosion resistance, very high tensile strength, extendable, low cost, high life expectancy, easy to install, 99.9% pure copper making the conduct ability very good, CPRI Tested, etc.

We maintain a huge stock of earth rods in various materials, sizes, etc. to meet our customers’ demand all over the world. We deliver all our products on time and safely.For best prices of earth rods Contact us today today and our sales representative will get back to you.

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