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Pure Copper Earth Rods – External Threaded

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Pure Copper Earth Rods - External Threaded

Pure Copper Earth Rods (External Threading) Manufacturer, External Threaded Pure Copper Earth Rod Supplier, Pure Copper Ground Rod - External Threaded Exporter & Stockist.

Pure Copper Earth Rods - External Threaded Manufacturer

Pure Copper Earth Rod – External Threaded Manufacturer in India. IEC, BS-EN and IEEE Pure Copper External Threaded Earth Rods. Pure Copper External Threaded Ground Rods Manufacturer in India.

External Threaded Pure Copper Earth Rod is manufactured from high conductivity hard drawn copper as per international specifications. Pure copper earth rod (External Threaded) offer greater resistance to corrosion and are best suitable for aggressive soil conditions such as soil with high salt and moisture contentand where long-life and durability is required. The external threading on rods is formed by the the process of roll threading. Roll threading process gives extra strength to the threads and eliminate the risk of chipping of threads. Our Pure copper earth rods meet the required national and international standards such as IEC, BSI, IEEE, etc.

Multimet Overseas is renowned manufacturer and exporter of high quality earthing and lightning protection components. Our External threaded pure copper earth rods are used by customers across the globe for a wide range of applications. We have the capacity to deliver large orders of pure copper earth rods in quick time. Contact us today with your requirement for Pure Copper Earth Rods (External Threaded.)

Salient Features of Pure Copper Earth Rod – External Threaded:

  • Manufactured from Hard Drawn high conductivity Copper.
  • External threading by roll threading process to give extra strength to threads.
  • Rod diameter ranging from 12.5mm to 17.2mm
  • Thread diameter ranging from 9/16″ to 3/4″.
  • Standard length and custom lengths available as per requirement.
  • Excellent resistance to corrosion and exceptionally long-life of earth rods.

We also offer Pure Copper Earth Rod – Internal Threaded.

Pure Copper Earth Rod – External Threaded Sizes:

Rod DIA. mmTotal LengthThread DiaPart Number

*The above sizes are just for reference. We can provide custom lengths for Pure Copper Earth rods as per any custom requirement.

Price List of Pure Copper Earth Rods – External Threaded

Pure Copper Earth Rods (External Threaded) Prices are dependent on the price of copper. As the copper price keep fluctuating, the prices may vary as per listed price. However, at Multmet Overseas we regulary update our price list for earthing and lighning protection components. You can request our latest price for pure copper earth rods by sending email to with your requirement.

Pure Copper Earth Rods – External Threaded – Order Information

For us to provide you the best quote for your requirement, we request you to send us the following details:

  • Required Size for Pure Copper Earth Rods – External Threaded along with qty
  • Other Earthing and lightning protection components, sizes and qty.
  • Estimate delivery time.
  • Shipping address & billing details.
  • Packing specifications.
  • Approx. order confirmation time from quotation.
  • Any specific technical details.
  • Any specific custom requirements.

Pure Copper Ground Rods – External Threaded : Alternative Names

Pure Copper Earth Rod is alslo known as pure copper grounding rod, pure copper ground rod, pure copper earthing rod, pure copper earth rod thread base, electrical ground rod, copper earth rods, etc.

We are exporting our high quality Pure Copper Earth Rod – External Threaded to following countries:

Pure Copper Earth Rod – External Threaded Supplier in North America:

United States, Mexico, Canada, Guatemala, Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Belize, Bahamas, Barbados, Saint Lucia, Grenada, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Saint Kitts and Nevis

External Threaded Pure Copper Ground Rods Supplier in South America:

Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana, Falkland Islands

Pure Copper Earth Rod – External Threaded Supplier in Europe:

Russia, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic (Czechia), Greece, Portugal, Sweden, Hungary, Belarus, Austria, Serbia, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Slovakia, Norway, Ireland, Croatia, Moldova, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Lithuania, North Macedonia, Slovenia, Latvia, Estonia, Montenegro, Luxembourg, Malta, Iceland, Andorra, Monaco, Liechtenstein, San Marino, Holy See

Pure Copper Earth Rod – External Threadeds Supplier in Asia:

India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, Turkey, Iran, Thailand, Myanmar, South Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Malaysia, Yemen, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan, Syria, Cambodia, Jordan, Azerbaijan, United Arab Emirates, Tajikistan, Israel, Laos, Lebanon, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Singapore, Oman, State of Palestine, Kuwait, Georgia, Mongolia, Armenia, Qatar, Bahrain, Timor-Leste, Cyprus, Bhutan, Maldives, Brunei

Pure Copper Earth Rod – External Threadeds Supplier in Australia:

Australia, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Fiji, Solomon Islands, Micronesia, Vanuatu, Samoa, Kiribati, Tonga, Marshall Islands, Palau, Tuvalu, Nauru

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