Multimet Overseas is Hallmark Metallica Business. Multimet Overseas in India's prominent manufacturer, stockist, exporter and supplier of earthing and lighning components, electrical cable components, electrical cable accessories, copper, copper alloy and brass components.

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Fittings For Wiping Glands Manufacturer

Leading Manufacturer of Fittings For Wiping Glands, Insulating Plates, Insulating Bush Supplier in Mumbai, India.

Fittings For Wiping Glands Stockist, Armour Clamp Manufacturer in India.

Multimetal Overseas is the most trusted and leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Fittings For Wiping Glands. Customers can buy these Fittings For Wiping Glands in a wide range of specifications like thickness, size, length, width, etc. at best price.

We provides ready to use Fittings For Wiping Glands which consists of all the basic components required to terminate the cable to the equipment’s. Wiping Glands are denoted by gland reference number and are compatible with each glands size.

Fittings For Wiping Glands that exhibit superior levels of performance and are made of copper. These Wiping Glands find place in a wide array of applications like, telecommunications, electrical works etc.

Our high-quality Fittings For Wiping Glands are well recognized by our worldwide customers. Contact us today with your requirement for best prices.

Wiping Glands Specifications:

Gland SizeDia over metal
sheath of cable
A (mm)B (mm)⌀C (mm)⌀E (mm)D (mm)F (mm)G (mm)H (mm)⌀ (mm)R (mm)
X12 to 51137906019909066661212
Y25 to 7815595893211412395861414
Z25 to 941951401083219010014
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