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Multimet Overseas is the most trusted and leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Lightning Event Counter. The Lightning Counter is a device used to register the lightning impulse to identify how many strikes have taken place. It helps building managers, equipment maintenance companies and others keep a track of when the Lightning Protection system needs to be replaced including the Lightning Arrester, Down Conductors, etc.

In a Lightning Protection System, the down conductor connects the Air Terminal to the Earthing system in the ground. The lightning event counter is installed onto this down conductor to count the number of lightning strikes. When a lightning strike occurs and hits the Air Terminal, it will pass through the down conductor and down into the ground. The counter is connected in series with this down conductor to sense the lightning strike and the number of lightning strikes can be seen on the LCD display

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Lightning Event Counter Specifications:

Brand Multimet Overseas
Display Type Digital
Minimum threshold current rating 1 kA
Maximum current rating 100 kA
Impulse Waveform 8/20 μs
Counting range Up to 5 digit
Dimension Length: 80 mm; Width: 80 mm; Height: 50 mm
Degree of protection IP 65
Power Source Battery (Replaceable)
Battery type Lithium-ion battery
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